Thursday 2 February 2012

January Photo-a-day Challenge

For fun this past month I joined a photo challenge created here by fatmumslim. For each day in January there was a specified topic for a photo, which you could interpret as literally or imaginatively as you like. The idea was to take a more or less spontaneous snap of whatever represents the topic for the day, play with edits or filters if you feel like it, and share it on some site. 

All these were taken with my new, compact little Canon Ixus (see Day 31) that I got for Christmas and which lives inside my handbag (see Day 13!) ...

January 1. You

2. Breakfast

3. Something you Adore

4. Letterbox

5. Something you Wore

6. Makes you Smile


8. Your Sky

9. Daily Routine
Snapped in the nano-second before the tube door closed. Sometimes the most spontaneous of all produce interesting results!

10. Childhood

11. Where you Sleep

12. Close-Up

13. In your Bag

14. Something you're Reading

15. Happiness

16. Morning

17. Water
Manky bit of the Thames made to look more interesting than it is with some nifty filters.

18. Something you Bought
Lunch on my desk at work

19. Sweet

20. Someone you Love

Shot while driving in the rain. Don't try this at home, kids.

22. Your Shoes

23. Something Old 

24. Guilty Pleasure
Tiny but wonderful French café round the corner from my workplace in north London, where I sometimes pop in for lunch or a coffee, happens to be called Le Péché Mignon (transl: guilty pleasure), and so it is indeed.

25. Something you Made

26. Colour

27. Lunch

28. Light

29. Inside your Fridge
Yikes! This was almost as hard as having to expose myself. You're getting both soft-focus and a Lomo-ish effect here.

30. Nature

31. You, Again

This was fun to do. I might do the February challenge - check it out here if you're interested in joining in.  

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