Saturday 8 August 2015

Along the Douro

Are these the most beautiful vineyards in the world? 

This is the Douro (golden) valley, home of Port wine 

where vines grow in narrow terraces supported by hundreds of hand-built stone walls on vertiginous slopes 

dropping down to the Douro river that snakes through the valley.

Grapes have been grown and wine made here for more than two thousand years.

It became a protected appellation in 1756, making it one of the three oldest wine regions in the world, and ensuring that only port wine from this valley can be called Port.

Not a bad backdrop for this lonely fruit-seller on the winding road hugging the river.

We drove alongside the Douro where port wine was transported in boats all the way to the beautiful city of Porto.

Douro Valley, Portugal June 2015
Day 5 Iberian road trip

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