Thursday, 23 September 2010

Reasons to love Rome

The first in a series of random travel posts of places I love.  Rome is ...

... the energy of Vespas fuelled by the best coffee in the universe

(scooters line the exterior of Rosati, pit stop for morning coffee on the Piazza del Popolo)

... drop-dead-stylish carabinieri

(I confess to shamelessly making my children pose for a picture while covertly focusing on the real object of my interest – this uber-awesome specimen of the carabinieri, leaning casually but so elegantly on his shiny Alfa Romeo, long legs in what is surely the most stylish police uniform on the planet. Only the Italians could transform PC Plod into knockout designer dude)

the dizzying embrace of layers upon layers of history 
8th century BC to the Middle Ages, to Renaissance palaces, to Belle Époque

(St Peter’s Square with threatening April rain clouds)

(setting up for the Pope’s Easter mass)

… grand gestures

(Trevi fountain)

(St Peter's basilica)

… and beauty in the details

... feasting in style

(Santa Lucia restaurant, behind the Piazza Navona, on a July evening)
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