Wednesday 23 January 2013

Some things seem wrong

Some things just seem incongruous, at odds.

Like an African dog in the snow ...

My big boy, waking to London's first dusting of snow

Out of his element ... (what's this?) ... he does a little dance of joy.

Or a smiling baboon drinking coffee ...

He looked at me leaning out of the car window a couple of feet from him, seemed to smile, totally unconcerned by my presence, and carried on foraging in the dustbin ...

until he found his prize, the remains of coffee to go 

and sat down comfortably on the grass to drink it

Baboons are harmless to people but have become a nuisance in some places in Cape Town, because their natural habitat has been invaded, and because thoughtless tourists feed them, thus giving them a taste for human (junk) food.

Cheers. Coffee break over.

Leaving London under a blanket of snow one freezing night and arriving next morning to 28 degrees dazzling sunshine is also incongruous, but seems quite alright on the other hand.

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