Wednesday 27 July 2011

Lisbon Style: the Metro

You thought Lisbon was all about ancient history and ruins? You would be quite wrong there.

Take the metro for instance ...

(Yes, this is an underground station). It's the shiniest and cleanest I've ever seen - spacious, fast and blissfully uncrowded. See how it shines!

Who takes photos of the underground?

Me. Sorry, I live in London where it wouldn't occur to me to photograph my daily tube voyages unless I wanted to depress myself even more.

The stations here are all beautifully decorated, each one different. I've been getting strange looks from people - the mad blonde estrangeira who squeals with delight, snapping through closing carriage doors ...

Some say way too much money was invested under the ground when Portugal joined the EU ...

... I say - if only the London underground looked like this.

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