Sunday 1 January 2012

At the start of a new year

          Hold what lives behind the masks of your own making ...

          ... the music of your wild name.

          Know that every tumble, every turn on your twisting path

          is a dance within a living church of elements ...

          a sanctuary of stars, wings, breath and bone

          where the masks of your making are undone.

All photos taken in May 2011 at Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa; poem by Ian McCallum, 'Untamed' exhibition at KBG.

Kirstenbosch is where my family saw many new years in, at a new-years'-eve concert under the stars (it is mid-summer there of course), picnicking on the grass under the mountains in these pictures. 

Happy new year to all my family and friends there and in all parts of the world ...

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