Thursday 23 January 2014

Highland Walk

A walk on the west coast of Scotland, near the tiny village of Achahoish 
had us wading through fens and rivers to emerge into wetlands stretching towards  the sea.

The quality of light up here is amazing, though this is not particularly far north, and made me long to travel further up, beyond Oban, to see the landscapes of Skye and Harris and beyond.
A straight line west across the sea from here in Achahoish would take you under the tip of Greenland all the way to Newfoundland.

What would living here be like, with views to Newfoundland and only seagulls and highland cows for company?

For small people it was an opportunity to bravely dip bare toes in the freezing North Atlantic. (My daughters' tiny and characterful second cousin, with her mother who is lucky enough to have a home in the highlands)

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