Tuesday 31 January 2012

Of antiques and dogs

This last weekend I popped in to the Winter Antique Fair held in Battersea Park ...

... where once again, it was a dog's day out for Chelsea's pampered pooches. Whether a Louis Quatorze or a mid-20th century arm-chair, the little darlings had their thrones ...  

from which to keep a watchful eye over proceedings.

The fair was a book collector's dream ...

... in fact a dream for collectors of just about anything. Ammonites? Thread spools? Pomegranates? ...

I would have liked to be able to buy this whole shelf-full of old ironstone and creamware, not to mention the urn ...

and a giant clock or two ...

but was more than happy with my single purchase of a worn and well-used 18th century pewter dish ...

Exiting through the foyer I wondered if the posh pooches didn't feel their water bowl a trifle sub-standard ..?

(So many thanks to Karin from La Pouyette for kindly mailing me an invitation to the fair - her own old haunt - yet again!)


  1. Thank you for taking us along with you to the Fair. The mixture of treasures would definitely have tempted my eyes, and I wonder if I could have resisted.

    The dish you bought is a beauty!

  2. What a beautiful fair . Thanks for sharing this pic with us

  3. Just simply good, Karen!
    What else can I say....

    Thank you so much for taking all the pictures, feels like I was with you!
    And, of course, love the dogs!
    Well done!


  4. You are a mistress of the significant/beautiful detail ---
    but the intimate portrait of the wistful dog takes the cake. I'm not even a dog lover, and that won me over.


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