Saturday 1 October 2011

Battersea Antique Fair

Just when I'd finally packed away my summer clothes until next year, hauled out the winter coats and boots ... London is basking in an untimely heatwave this week (see here if you don't believe me)! A mini-Indian-summer in the autumn, in lieu of the actual-summer-that-never-was ...

... (though can it be called an Indian summer? Apparently there are technicalities involved here - who'd have thought? but see here) ... Whatever, nobody's complaining, as bare legs and flip-flops rule the day, however briefly, and these were the scenes in and around Sloane Square yesterday, where even the foliage seemed confused ...

Patisserie Valerie, Duke of York Square - the view from either side of the window.

This was my pit-stop before heading to the Chelsea Embankment, to cross the river to Battersea Park, for the autumn Decorative Antiques Fair ... 

Iron beds and oil painting at D J Green Antiques

And here's one of the fun things about blogging ...

... early this year I posted here about the winter fair, which caught the eye of a former, long-time exhibitor at the Battersea fair, antique dealer Karin Jansky, who now lives in a gorgeous house in the Dordogne ... 

silver-plated hotel champagne buckets at Victoria Harvey @ Deuxieme

... La Pouyette, from where she blogs, always interestingly and entertainingly ... 

Nostalgic at seeing friends and fellow dealers' exhibits, she commented on the post and we've been in contact in various ways ever since. Karin was kind enough to send me an invitation to this autumn fair, via her friend James Jackson.

Katharine Pole's antique textiles

The Battersea fair, as I've said before, is about liveable, relatively more affordable antiques and decorative objects, especially French and Swedish, two styles I love.

close-up of glass ware at Geoffrey Stead Antiques

I noticed that recycled, re-purposed glass was everywhere, from old confiture jars to pharmacy bottles ...

French pharmacy bottles at Patricia Harvey antiques

Russian chemist bottles at A&L Antiques

This is the place to buy chairs of all kinds - I wish I could justify this at the moment!

Chairs from Antiquités de France SARL (left), The Antique French Chair and Sofa Company (right)

A stand I always like to visit is Josephine Ryan ...

Josephine Ryan

... and Lorfords of Tetbury - see here for more ...

I thought this pair of urns was absolutely stunning ...

Lorfords Antiques are based in the Cotswolds village of Tetbury, Gloucestershire

James Jackson's stand was all perfect elegance and style ... James, whose shop is in Fulham's antique area of London, is also a neighbour of Karin's in France, and her post about him here is well worth seeing ...

James Jackson is in Lillie Road, London SW6

One of the nicest things about this fair is the relaxed, laid-back, friendly atmosphere between dealers and visitors. And if you're peckish or just needing a break there's a cosy and stylish café in the foyer ...

... while your dog is sure to be well catered for. Is there a correlation between antique lovers and dog lovers? The number of pampered pooches in and around the fair had the driver of the shuttle-bus from Sloane Square grumbling "it's more like a bleeding dog show than an antique show if you ask me"

English Mastiff and Staffordshire terrier circa early 21st century, with antique chairs and child's ironing board

Vielen dank, Karin, and I hope these pics gave you some pleasure!


  1. Wonderful pics!
    Like being there - the relaxed yet gracious atmosphere is communicated.
    Love to meetup

  2. That fair does look well worth a visit. Funny to see that photo of modern dogs enjoying antique furniture. Pampered pups for sure!

    While you all were enjoying that summer weather we in New York were sampling layers of grey clouds, some of which brought real showers.

    Nevertheless, I met up with a dear friend for a catch up visit and we also made a quick trip to the Daphne Guinness exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lots of black and white, shiny materials, sparkly accents and defined waistlines.

    Best wishes.

  3. This is just fabulous!
    A real pleasure for me to see the fair through your eyes! Wonderful detailed images!
    And what a surprise for me to see my friend Claire on Toby's stand. She has a house about one hour away from us and her last visit to La Pouyette was last year. Really a small world.

    The dog-photo is so, so good !!! Yes, dogs are allowed at the fair, everybody seems to be mad about them!

    When I saw the Sloane Square images I became just a bit 'home-sick' for London.....
    One day and hopefully soon London and England will see me again and perhaps we can meet, would be wonderful!

    And thank you so much, Karen, for mention me and my post, I really do appreciate it.

    We have on Tuesday another "By invitation only - blog party - post" and I will mention your blog again.

    Again, merci beaucoup, and best wishes for a beautiful sunny start to the week!
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord,

  4. Brilliant fair...missed it this year...and so, our Indian Summer has left us :(
    We'll have snow soon!!

  5. How lucky to be able to visit such an event. I favour the more rustic looking items - particularly like the French pharmacy bottles.

  6. A little late, but many thanks for a delightful visit to the Battersea Fair --- and I didn't have to stand in the airport security line or take my shoes off or throw away my water bottle!
    (Sloane Square looks a lot changed from when we took our little children there for a month one summer. Now those children HAVE children, and Sloane Square never looked so good as in your photos.)


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