Tuesday 4 October 2011

Le bon dieu est dans le détail ...

... is the theme I've been invited to post on today, joining a group of bloggers in different parts of the world. And since I'm late to the party, and intimidated by my illustrious fellow-posters (see here and here for links), mon dieu, followed by merde! was my initial response. 

But it's an irresistible quote for a detail-lover like me, and after a day at work spent fretting over words for a tedious report, a quick trawl through my photos for visual images that resonated has been a perfectly pleasant antidote. 

This is where the quote took me, without much thought ...

a quiet alcove in the Alcazar, Seville

an arch detail, Seville cathedral

detail of a mural, St George Basilica, Prague

stone carving details on windows at the Alhambra, Granada

ceiling details in the Forbidden City, Beijing

doorway detail of the Sé (cathedral), Lisbon

balcony door, Alfama, Lisbon

door in Beijing

pond reflection and ...

detail of water-courses in the minutely planned gardens of the Generalife, Alhambra, Granada

dancer's feet at an open air concert, Lisbon

espresso in a Lisbon café

child's face in Imizamo Yethu, Cape Town ...

... and in a market-place in Shanghai

a minimalist table set for one in Lourmarin, Provence

detail of my sleeping cat

These were all taken in the course of travelling to favourite places, and this has been fun - thanks for the invitation!


  1. This is absolutely lovely - nailed it perfectly in every sense of the word. As a new comer to blogging I am loving the inspiration everywhere I look - such wonderful creative people - thank you for continuing the trend! Francesca

  2. Oh Karen - So good!
    I knew that it will be excellent should you find the time!
    Love all the wonderful images, just the right choice, lovely!

    So, welcome 'to the club'....

    When I discovered your post I quickly made an update with a link to your blog and post, and inserted 2 of your photos, hope that you don't mind. And hopefully lots of good readers will visit your blog. You really deserve it!

  3. I have never been to Lisboa :(
    so sad...many times to Brazil but never Portugal.
    are you free to do any Chocolate Week things Karen?
    I signed on for Rococco choc caligraphy
    I don't know why..

  4. A big welcome...such a lovely post and images.
    I'm following your wonderful blog...

  5. I seem to have missed this post. Such a beautiful collection of photographs - some familiar from previous posts - lovely to see them again.

  6. Wonderful wonderful detail.
    (God peeking around many corners here ;-)
    And the use of color! Heavenly ---


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