Sunday 27 September 2015

Snapshots from Bavaria

Passing through the pretty provincial town of Memmingen in southern Bavaria on overcast, rainy days of early autumn

... in search of a place for dinner, of which there were plenty to choose from.

I passed on the bratwurst and Knödel (dumplings) but did sample some good local Bayerische beer.
A perfect rainbow over the central town square

In nearby Ottobeuren the next morning, the landscape was typical of towns in this prosperous region, A-framed houses and well-kept farmlands

 the main attraction being the grand Benedictine abbey of Ottobeuren 
founded in 764 by the sweetly-named Blessed Toto, but rebuilt in its current form by Bavaria's King Ludwig I in the 1800s 

whose extraordinary interior could be described as baroque-over-the-top
 with no fewer than three grand organs (one below). 

All was empty, quiet and clean and neat as a pin. You had the clear impression that every ornate rococo curlicue, taper, garland and petal is kept minutely cleaned and the chairs lined up with a ruler. 

If all was serious here, it was about to get a little crazy. We were headed further south to this Ludwig's much quirkier grandson's place in the mountains ...

Bavaria September 2015


  1. Karen, your format choice to display these lovely Bavarian scenes suits the photographs so very well. Very witty.

    Wasn't that rainbow obliging?

    I look forward to the next page in this Bavarian photo album. xo

  2. Hello Karen, Thank you for posting this. Memmingen is on our way to Italy. Schweinehaxe is my husband's favorite dish. He drives miles just to find a restaurant where it is served. We will be there for lunch on the 4th of October. Thanks again. ox, Gina


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