Sunday 12 July 2015

Oxford 4th July

What more pleasant way to spend a warm 4th July than punting down a river?

At the Cherwell boathouse with the edge off the heat of the day punters were taking full advantage of the late evening light.

Despite preparing for a wedding party about to descend, the boathouse restaurant offered us a drink and a seat on a warm stone wall with the ducks on the edge of the Cherwell

before we walked over to the garden of nearby St Hugh's college for a birthday party.

St Hugh's was founded in the late 1800s by Elizabeth Wordsworth (great-niece of poet William) to help the growing number of women "who find the charges of the present Halls at Oxford and Cambridge (even the most moderate) beyond their means". Good for you, Elizabeth.

Oxford July 2015


  1. Karen, this is simply beautiful, my darling. What a wonderful setting. And, not I know that punting is also about boating and not just about kicking a footbal (US-style football). :)'s

  2. Brings me back to 1968 and happy boating weather!
    Did not know about Elizabeth Wordsworth - yes, good for her.
    Warmest greetings from New York.

  3. Karen, I love those shimmering greens in your riverside photographs! It's also grand to learn a bit of history behind the founding of St. Hugh's. Many thanks xo

  4. I've been to Oxford so many times and never seen this!
    Dommage A must-do


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