Friday 17 July 2015

From London to ...

Driving for the better part of a day along motorways across a large chunk of France doesn't really prepare you for the different world you encounter when you turn off the national road in the late afternoon near Bordeaux

into the village of Bouliac in the south west corner of France, the Aquitaine

for the warmth and colours of the south

and slow village life

Surrounded by vineyards - the Aquitaine is really a giant vineyard, home to the wines of Bordeaux, Médoc, Saint Emilion, Bergerac ...

and here in Bouliac, Le St James is so well worth a visit, if only for a brief lounge at the pool-in-the-vineyards, or a drink or dinner on the terrace

Le St James was designed by none other than Jean Nouvel (I've posted on his amazing buildings herehere and here; and see also here for his latest NewYork adventure) to draw the gorgeous natural surroundings in.

At sunset there were views over vineyards and the Garonne river, with Bordeaux in the distance

Bouliac, France June 2015
day 1, Iberian road trip


  1. Like a fairytale, beautiful images!

  2. My late husband loved this part of France. Of course, he loved French wines as well. Good reason to return over & over. Your pics are awesome !!

    1. There's a lot to love about this region. I hope you get to return there sometime Marsha! xx

  3. Oh Karen - you were (or still are????) nearby us! We would loved to welcome you for a lunch or so......! What a pity!
    Sorry for long silence, being out of the blogworld for quite a wile. Hope to be back soon with a few posts or so....
    Hope that all is going well for you in London (your new flat - Battersea!) and will write to you soon......
    I do apologize for not answering your last mail in Spring....time slipped through my fingers, and so many things to do here.
    Wish you a wonderful time in France and London (when back).
    Beautiful post - lovely images - as usual :-)
    Heartful greetings, Karin

    1. Dear Karin, I would have loved to, and would most definitely have got in touch if I'd had more time there, but was literally passing through for a flying one night visit en route to Spain! Thanks so much for getting in touch and hoping you can come to London soon! Lots of love xx


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