Tuesday 2 June 2015

Spring at Somerset House

Stately Somerset House on the Strand was the venue last month for Photo London, an international photography exhibition of vintage, iconic, as well as contemporary photographs from around the world.

In the courtyard (transformed in winter to an ice rink), where fountains play in spring/summer, as well as children of all ages, there were poetry readings, stalls ...

and endless entertainment in the fountains.

And on the spot is the gorgeous Spring restaurant which opened late last year in Somerset House ...

It's the baby of Skye Gyngell, ex-Aussie/Sydneyite who, as chef at the Petersham Nurseries where she won a Michelin star, became famous in London for her simple, seasonal style of cooking.

I loved the decor at Spring, which like Skye's food is light and fresh with a courtyard garden that makes you oblivious to the busy Strand outside the huge picture windows.

Photo London and Spring at Somerset House, May 2015


  1. Karen, I've been to exhibits at Somerset House... at the Courtauld, and know of that splendid courtyard in various seasons. So now I am delighted to see these fabulous photographs of what looks to be a fabulous restaurant.

    Thank you! xo

  2. Beautiful shots and beautiful place Karen.


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