Sunday 7 July 2013

♥ Paris in the summertime

How much do I love Eurostar ...? From London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord in an easy peasy, comfortable and pleasant 2 hours 15 minutes.

Abbaye de St Germain des Près in green leaf

You can go for the day, but when the sun's shining in Paris and you have a willing accomplice to sneak off with, why not make it a weekend?

Having had the same dodgy spring as London, Parisians were making the most of beautiful summery weather that had arrived at last ...

chilling, ever stylishly, on the grass and at café tables 

And what more romantic spot than the Jardin du Luxembourg for a summer wedding ...?

Bride, Jardin du Luxembourg. J'adore her outfit, but most especially her red shoes.

Splashes of red seemed to be la couleur de l'été over at the Jardin du Palais Royal too ...

  where things were even more relaxed ...

amongst the roses, statues and fountains and even the pigeons were taking a bit of a break from life ...

A glass of wine here took the edge off our own busy day of walking and shopping our feet off ...

though we passed on the oysters à emporter in the street and went on to dinner instead.

Best of all was sharing all this beauty with lovely friends ...

Twilight around 9.30 pm at the église St Gervais et St Protais, Marais


  1. Looks like bliss to me.
    What gorgeous photos. I almost felt I was there!

  2. Kqren, thank you for sharing all this Parisian beauty with us. As ever, your photographs are splendid and your commentary wise and witty.

    We continue to hope for a break from our continuing NYC heat and humidity!


  3. Oh so lovely to see again our special vision of the world Karen!
    Much missed to be sure...
    I know life comes first but..
    Anyway wonderful to have you back!
    Full steam ahead.

  4. Glorieux!
    The photos are wonderful, with exceptional elements (the bride's red shoes!). So glad somewhere is enjoying good weather.
    The sun is now shining here but all it's done is ratchet up the temperature to the 90's (F.) and hoist the humidity.
    Good to have you here enhancing cyberspace.


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