Wednesday 10 July 2013

Early morning in the Marais

Early birds having morning coffee while the quarter sleeps late 

Café crème hits the spot

after a Friday night that fizzed and popped into the wee hours

The bakers must have got to work as the last revellers were heading home 

Tables and chairs set out for the day

inviting one in

Encore fermé

here too

But shutters are beginning to open

Orthodox Jewish men are walking to shul ...

along medieval streets

and where the quarter meets the river a girl is dancing au bord de la Seine

(A collection of images mostly taken early on a summer Saturday morning that got me wanting to play with some retro editing effects)


  1. Love, love, love everyone of these photographs! The colour tones, the subjects - just great! With you as my guide Karen - I would travel just about anywhere in the world - because you always seem to travel in style.

  2. All wonderful. But it was the girl so spontaneously dancing that lifted my spirits high enough to face yet another day of heat in the 90's (F). Also loved you guys having fun with Carol Gillott. Nothing like living a dream, I always say! How about you?????
    Giddy from the heat --- Judith (Touch2Touch)


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