Thursday 11 July 2013

Merci Paris

While in Paris my friend Felicity and I met up with Carol from Paris Breakfasts who lives in this city, lucky fish. Carol offered to show us some places neither of us had been to. But first she came to check out our hotel ...

Isn't this a dream city-rooftop garden?

... Bourg Tibourg, a tiny, exotic gem - so tucked away it's easily missed altogether from the outside - where Jacques Garcia's design is Gothic meets oriental meets Napoleon III, yet the atmosphere is super-friendly, homely and welcoming.

We wandered northwards through the Marais, not quite managing to avoid entering en route countless patisseries of which Carol is madame the expert and connoisseur ...

Motorcycles are the way to get around here, clearly, whether you are a chef, a chic biker girl or just passing through ...

In my fantasy Paris life I would move in right here and park my Vespa on the balcony ...

How we managed to avoid temptation at the Boulangerie Beaumarchais I don't know ...

but we were headed to lunch in the Cantine Merci - on the ground floor of Merci on the boulevard Beaumarchais, with a view to the potager ...

where the food is all fairtrade and organic. 

You don't just get to feel virtuous though ... their salads were quite possibly the most delicious I've had in my life.

Merci inhabits three light and bright floors of a former factory. It's all about creative but also responsible retailing - all its profits go to charity.

I loved the vintage red Fiat 500 at the entrance and the iconic Parisian fishtank ...

Merci Carol for Merci Paris


  1. Oh Karen, how I loved seeing this post and imagining what fun you had with Carol.

    I must scribble down notes about all the places you show and tell about...I can see they are places I would also love to visit.


  2. Oh wonderful to relive those moments through your very keen eyes Karen!
    Though I doubt you would want to park your Vespa on the balcony!?
    That could be a trek up and down the 6 flights of most Parisian apartments no?
    You really do capture the light so well!

    1. Er, good point - guess I didn't think that through!

  3. Dynamite combo of personalities in a dynamite city!
    Most characteristic Parisian feature, though --- the red Fiat, parked as it is, and where it is. There'll always be a Paris --- and a car parked less than legally.


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