Monday 15 July 2013

Turkish delights

Having left London on a monochrome morning in late June that looked like this ...

to find ourselves here by the time the sun (yes, the sun!) was setting over the south west of Turkey
was almost too much pleasure to bear ...

A full week of Turkish delights followed, in themes of heat, turquoise sea and intense colours 

Colours of Turkey: gardens in Dalyan, textile and ceramic arts, the Aegean sea around Fetiyeh

as our pasty-white northern selves transformed into altogether healthier and golden versions 

from swimming, cooking and eating 

in a villa surrounded by groves of pomegranate trees ... in this culture a symbol of love, fertility and prosperity, said to grow in the gardens of paradise.

I think our Turkish neighbours' adorable dog thought she might have arrived in paradise when she came over squeaking with pleasure every night to be fed, photographed, held and fussed over.

 As did we when other neighbours kindly brought us fresh hot bread every morning and delicious pastries. An added 50 tons of weight, or so it feels, is the price I've paid for my slice of Turkish paradise. But oh how worth it, especially considering the adventures that followed ...


  1. I have literally just switched on my computer Karen and your photographs are a feast for the eyes! Glad to see your foreign travels continue and we get the opportunity to dip into your world for a few glorious minutes once more.

    Turkey has never been on my list of countries to visit but it does look beautiful.

    Hope you are enjoying our glorious summer weather - every day feels like a holiday these days.....

  2. Hi BB, thanks! Yes, isn't it wonderful that summer has finally arrived. I know from my older daughter who is now back in Edinburgh that Scotland is also enjoying fabulous sunshine and you're right, it changes one's perspective and every day seems a gift!

  3. OH MY GOD it looks fabulous!!
    You are sooo lucky
    when am I going to get up the nerve to take Ryan air?
    What a delicious post!

  4. Karen, your arrival in Turkey reminds me of Dorothy's landing in Oz. What colors surrounded you all! The light is also amazing, and your daughters are more and more beautiful.

    I can see why that cute little pub liked being a friendly neighbor, too.

    Looking forward to the next installment. xo

  5. Pub? what pub...of course, I meant pup!

  6. Loving it! :)


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