Monday 24 June 2013

Battersea Park

... on the last Sunday of April was the sort of day when at long last you could sit on the grass and read the paper 

watching the more energetic jog by

Blossoms were making an appearance and it was the sort of hopeful day you might swing your child in the air

or free your tot from the confines of his pram and set him down to poke his fingers in the soil ...

Why walk when you could choose from any variety of wheels? ...

Even the dogs were getting the chance to socialise. There was a pups' play-date going on here ...

In the Old English Garden behind brick walls, it was all muted colours and unstructured, rambling, green abundance ...

These bold, orange tulips in ordered rows would definitely not have been allowed in the Old English garden ...

Was it winter still or spring? Many of the trees looked confused on this point ...

Bicycles everywhere ...

... and these houses bordering the river reminded me of Holland, but not the Tai Chi so much ...

Reassuringly, there was a very English game of cricket going on ...


  1. Karen, thank you for these glorious photographs that have taken me to a place I've never actually visited. It looks particularly tranquil, and varied and...well, a very fine place.

    It is interesting that the trees do seem to be a bit slow in the leafing process. Over here, as your daughter probably noticed, the trees have the large, deep green leaves that are very different from those sweet new spring green. Summertime has arrived.


  2. Thank you for a super visit 'home'!
    The English do love their greenery don't they?

  3. It's a been too long since I took a walk in the park! I particularly like your photograph of the matching painted ironwork of the bench and the fence - emphasised by the vibrant green of the flowering bushes behind. Nice!

  4. What a lovely stroll! I must agree with commentator #2, that photo is smashing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That's a Belgian sheepdog int 1st picture!
    'Deja vu all over again' and I haven't even been here!
    Love the atmosphere you capture

  6. Very nice place and pleasant area.


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