Tuesday 6 May 2014

Rainy April morning in the Chiado, Lisbon

Looking down on the Praça Luis de Camões through a fine mist of rain from my window

taking in the familiar patterned cobblestones and blue tiles of Lisbon.

There are bargains to be had at the street bookstalls outside the Livraria Bertrand

... and what better place to hang out when it's raining than the bookshops of the Chiado? 

Outside the Basilica dos Martíres, and looking down the Rua Garrett, an ancient lady in black begs for money. 

Around the corner, the elegantly faded façade of the São Carlos opera house.  Click here to see some of the Lisbon opera choir performing spontaneously just above the spot where I took the photo above.

A hundred cobbled steps will keep you in shape as you head down the steep hills of Lisbon

but first a visit to my favourite store for Portuguese nostalgia

A Vida Portuguesa, purveyors of retro and iconic Portuguese products, in a converted soap factory

I'm heading down to the Baixa and the port of Lisbon, hold on for more ...


  1. How beautiful the blue tiles, moist cobblestones and mellow yellow walls are in your fine photographs, Karen. You allow me to imagine that i am walking along with you to these atmospheric locations. The book sellers are intriguing, the hills provide perspective and that last shop of traditional Portuguese wares would also beckon me.

    (I have done a bit of research about beguines in America. Thank you again for the introduction.)

    Now, I definitely am holding on for more from Portugal. xo

  2. Pictures of places that I love. Nearby.

  3. Fabulous!
    I would love to walk in your shoes...especially now


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