Saturday 24 August 2013

In Crete this summer

 ... there were bold primary blues

and reds

a whitewashed villa with a deep terrace to protect from the fierce Meltemi wind

steep, stony hillsides dense with olive groves

winding roads dipping down

through tumbledown villages

narrow alleys overrun with climbing bougainvillea, jasmine, spreading vines

cheery geraniums, plumbago and pansies, orange trees and foraging cats

ancient ruins in beating sun, a din of clicking cicadas, the sound of summer

all paths leading to the sea

where a table at the edge of the water

always seems to be waiting

at any time of the day

Crete, July 2013


  1. Karen I know all this SO well - I lived here for nearly 10 years. So thank you for the wonderful memories. Beautiful photos and words - you have captured its magic to perfection. Fx

  2. Karen, you are so kind to share such a beautiful place with us via spectacular photographs. Colors sparkle from each photo, and I can just about manage to feel the sea breeze and the warmth of the sun.

    I loved the photo of the winding road and the little boy on the back of the bike. I daydreamed about what it might be like to sit at one of those seaside cafes...what an amazing site! As always, your daughter adds to the beauty of the setting.

    Best wishes. xo

  3. I'm very behing on PGC it seems
    No idea how to subscribe?
    Could you send me an invite from Google Group please?
    I miss these trips of yours..
    Please buy an extra ticket next one...
    I'llpay you back noproblem
    I couls use some blue sea views..


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