Monday 29 July 2013

Aegean blues

A gulet is a traditional masted sailing boat, similar to a schooner. They are built in the region of south-western Turkey, in Bodrum and Marmaris. 

We hired one for a day, not far from these places, at the pretty harbour in Fethiye ...

from where we sailed out into the turquoise blue Aegean

with these views

from my toes

and nothing much to do besides a lot of this ...

Could life get any better at this point?
Well yes ...

Our lovely crew of three burly sailors made sure we were fed, watered and generally pampered 

and dropped anchor in the prettiest coves

where you could dive off the boat and swim to your heart's content in the clean, cool, impossibly blue Mediterranean sea

sheer bliss

We shared a gulet with a few others for a day only - enough to seriously tempt me back for a longer time next year 

Who wants to join me for a week of leisurely island-hopping, skinny-dipping Aegean blues? 

Check it out here and tell me how you could resist.


  1. Am i allowed to budge in with an Italian "Azzurro"?
    Sung by Adriano Celentano, of course. ;-)

  2. Hey Darling girl, how utterly fabulous. Sea, family, sun, burly sailors and champagne.........perfection.......

  3. The intense blues!
    Your pictures are breath - taking

  4. Uuuhhh stunning! I miss my days in Turkey, especially our summer in the South, when seeing your amaaazing pics :-))

  5. How perfect - and such vivid colours - how I miss the Aegean and all its blues! Fxx


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