Thursday 13 June 2013

A country weekend

My little blog has been sadly neglected for a long while, like an orphan child. Actual life intervened and took over for a bit, and then coming back turned out to be hard when I felt I had absolutely nothing of interest to say ...

But looking back through my photos it seems there have been days I felt worth capturing, so here with few words are pictures instead ...

Easter Sunday, back at the start of April, was spent on our friends' farm, perched on a hilltop precisely on the border of two counties, with views of rolling Dorset countryside all the way down to the south coast of England.

Trees were brown and bare, despite the fact that it was technically spring, and it was very, very cold still.

After lunch there was a walk in the woods ...

... featuring walkers well-wrapped against the cold and welly-shod, English-style, for the mud ...

... two happy dogs - one a scruffy little biscuit-coloured terrier and the other a noble russet hound ...

and woods filled with acres of wild garlic, growing rampantly ...

their white flowers (reeking and also edible) just days from bursting open and turning the woods white


  1. Karen, I've been wondering what you'd been doing, and very much missing seeing your beautiful photographs and commentary.

    And voila! A post appears! That first photo with the lacy bare tree branches is so very lovely. It definitely shows your fine eye. Wasn't it odd how chilly spring 2013 was, compared to that warm 2012 vintage?

    I've also gotten a smile from the series of photos of the spring walk in wellies with encouraging dogs in tow.

    Greedy follower that I am, I'm already looking forward to your next post.


    1. Thank you, Frances! And yes, this spring has made a pretty poor showing compared to the sunny days when you and I met up in London last year. I hope another visit is on the cards soon?

  2. So happy to see you back!
    Ah, England in the spring....yes, lots of welly boots and dogs.
    Splendid photos as ever.
    Am seeing Frances in NY today and saw Merisi in Vienna last week.
    Aren't I lucky?

    1. Lucky indeed - and I would so much love to see your daughter's exhibition. I hope it will travel to Britain?

  3. Hello Karen! So glad you have found your way back to your blog! I have missed your interesting topics and glorious photographs. I know what you mean about not thinking you have anything interesting to say when returning to your blog after a period of neglect. It happens to me every time I blog! I trust that the life that intervened since your last post has been interesting and that all is going well for you.

    The imposing tree in your first photograph is very impressive. Like you we have had no spring. We seemed to leap from winter to summer last week - and that was it - one week of casting off a few layers as though it was summer! Seems we have now taken a leap back to the spring that we did not have - cool, windy and wet! Weather's been just crazy. It is our village gala day today. The bunting hangs in shreds due to the high winds of the past few days and wellies are also the choice of footwear as folks trudge through the wet field to their entertainment of choice. Such a shame for the organisers as they put so much effort into making the day a success.

    1. Thanks so much, BB! I look forward to seeing more from you again too - I always enjoy your posts!


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