Friday 5 April 2013

Millenium Bridge: a modern fairytale

Crossing London's Millenium Bridge one evening last week, our destination was the Tate Modern on the far side - the utilitarian, industrial-looking landmark on the south bank ... 
a former power station that was reimagined into a fantastic space for modern art, and currently, a Lichtenstein retrospective.

Unexpectedly, popping up from the underground into the freezing dusk, the light happened to be quite magical, and I was suddenly happy that I had my camera on hand.

Looking east down the Thames, there was the familiar sight of Tower Bridge in the distance. But the Shard, the newest addition to the London skyline, took my breath away with its delicate glass beauty ...

Designed by Renzo Piano, who together with Brit architect Richard Rogers was responsible for Paris' Beaubourg (I posted about it here), the Shard is the EU's tallest building

Shakespeare's Globe theatre, with river boats gliding by, was lighting up for the evening's performance ...

I was so entranced by the views across the river that I almost forgot to look back the way we'd come ...

... at St Paul's ... and marvel again at how the designers of the Millenium Bridge had it constructed so that the sleek, modern bridge would have the cathedral perfectly positioned at its apex ...

Going under ... going, going ...

The Lichtenstein exhibition was fun, his images still fresh and entertaining.
The pic below, taken at the Tate, is not mine (though I confess to taking a quick, furtive phone-snap of younger daughter in front of one of his iconic images) ...

Walking back across the bridge much later, after a bite at the Tate's glass-walled top-floor restaurant with fantastic views across the city, blue lines lit the way towards a glowing St Paul's ...

Tower Bridge now a fairy-tale image in technicolour ...

and there was time for one last blurry shot of the ghostly dome snapped with frozen fingers before hurrying gratefully into the warmth of the underground.

(London has just had its coldest Easter in recorded history)


  1. Truly magical, you transported me into a different world! Thank you for taking the camera, and pulling it out to capture these wondrous sights!


  2. Karen, you have given me an immense treat with these amazing photos. Please do keep your camera with you at all times! I cannot pick a favorite from amongst this collection...the light in each one transports me to a beautiful place.


  3. Two of my fave places. So glad you had your camera; fantastic captures!

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  5. What a KNOCK OUT set of photographs Karen!!
    Here I'm trying to figure out if I can run over end of the month and I see this!
    Do I have a choice? :)

  6. Nothing like asking a question to elicit an answer!
    So this is why you left Morocco. Simply gorgeous. But also you have a spectacular instinct for the beautiful and wonderful.

  7. I do so hope you will come back with us when we resume "By Invitation Only" in September. Post more often so we can see your brilliance. xx's

  8. I was thinking/dreaming of popping over whilst in the pool this morning now I've got the travel/train bug
    How R U?
    Miss you muchly


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