Friday 4 February 2011

Some places I'd rather be

Last week I was dead chuffed, as the English might say, to receive a Stylish Blogger award, passed on by Gina from Art and Alfalfa. Thank you, Gina! Gina is a very talented artist and a thoroughly nice, as well as most impressive (go and check out her array of achievements), person. And when I’m grown up I would very much like my photographs to look like hers.  

There are conditions attached to the award, however. One must first reveal seven things about oneself, and then pass on the award to ten other blogs. 

As the first of these inexplicably provoked a mild stress attack, I am bending the rules somewhat (well, a lot, actually, but what else are rules good for?) and offering instead seven places I'd rather be / things I'd rather be doing right now

1. Having breakfast in Cannes

Cannes June 2009

2. Enjoying a good book over wine and tapas in Seville

Sevilla July 2010

3. Swimming from beach to boat with collected stones and shells in Kefalonia

Fiskardo, July 2007

4. Cycling to the shops for dinner in Siena

Tuscany August 2009

5. Strolling the waterfront in Cape Town

Cape Town April 2009

6. Boarding a train, destination unknown

Gare de Lyons, Paris 2010 

   7. Or even just chilling right here at home

Toby 2010

(Could you guess that I am swamped with work right now and thoroughly sick of leaden skies and freezing temperatures?)

Selecting ten other blogs also proves tricky. How to define stylish?  Do I know enough blogs, stylish or otherwise? I read different blogs for different reasons, not all of which have to do with stylishness. Some of my regulars are listed in the side bar, and I nominate and recommend all of these, as well as the following, which I've discovered more recently and which undoubtedly have style:

my french kitchen

la pouyette und die dinge des lebens 

mais qu'est-ce qu'on mange ce soir?

Happy blog-reading! 


  1. Dear Karen;

    Thank you very much indeed, I'm flattered!
    And I only can give your compliment back to you.
    Your blog is definitely on top of my favorite ones! Very Interesting, different, thoughtful, and....
    It looks like that we see the world from the same 'point of view', yes?

    Will have some time next week, hopefully, to go through your whole blog and looking forward to it.

    This post is wonderful. You must be - 'contraire' to me - a big traveller. Thank you to share it with us. And what can we do much at the moment, living in coldish areas, waiting for warmth and sun? We enjoy our memories of holidays!
    By the way - I adore Toby!

    Best wishes for a sunny weekend and greetings
    from the Périgord - Karin

    Sorry about my English!

  2. All you show and share is beautiful, a true feast for my eyes. I am visiting just to say thank you.

  3. It captures you, your spirit and insight. Happy anniversary!

  4. I'm admiring your breakfast in paintable.
    I'll be there beginning of July for a few days.
    Miss you! ❤️


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