Thursday 23 December 2010

London Christmas shopping

In contrast to Paris, London's christmas windows are altogether more quirky and eccentric. Fantasy seems to be the motif this year ...

For instance, Liberty's windows are weirdly Wonderland themed, a kaleidoscope of colour  ...

(Flowers at the entrance to Liberty)

... and Carnaby Street is transformed into an array of colourful planets ...

 Spaceman Santa descends from the rooftops, while musicians blast carols beneath pink and orange planets ...                           

... the colour scheme echoed in shop windows. 

St James' church on Picadilly glows eerily behind suspended lanterns

on the way to Fortnums, where the windows are more traditional, and richly opulent ...

the street outside reflected in this silver ball

(side entrance to Fortnum & Mason)

Bond Street defies the recession with nouveau riche style ...

... Cartier wrapped up in a giant red bow


 All she wants for Christmas is a Chopard diamond necklace to go with that fur ...


  1. Dear Karen, WOW! Those are the most amazing photographs. Color overdose and I love it. Thank You.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for visiting! The snowy Borders can cause almost as much havoc as in London but snowbound countryside perhaps looks more attractive than dirty London Streets! I've enjoyed looking at your series of photographs of London and Paris shops. Liberty certainly does have quirky windows compared to their 'Elizabethan' frontage. But it's marvellous to do anything on a grand scale. Having lived in S.A. for a brief time, I know how attractive the warmth can be but Cape Town can also be pretty cold when it likes. On balance, I'll go for 'North'. The lights shine brighter in the frosty air! Merry Christmas.

  3. Karen, thank you for letting me see how London has dressed up for the season. I like our NY decorations, but always have a soft spot for London, particularly Liberty's. (Also remember pretty lights in a tiny little street called ... I think ... St Christopher's place.)

    The last December I was in London was 2001, and a lot of outside factors seemed to have cooled the spirit of the decorations. It's grand to see all that exuberance is in full glow.

    Best wishes!

  4. Thanks for these lovely pics. For the first time in many years, I didn't get to London to photograph their holiday windows. Nice to see these here (and Liberty is my fave store).

  5. Christmas cheer in grand style!
    Vienna seems like a village, compared to London.

  6. Divine! Love the quirky/traditional combo... (Cape Town dresses up in sunshine, of course... no ribbons/xmas window displays needed because everyone's on the beach!)


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