Friday 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

We are without any extended family and friends for the first time this year, but the table is laid for just the four of us for Christmas Eve dinner, the presents are under the tree, the fires are lit and snow is all around.


  1. It all looks so beautiful! Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and a new year bright with promise!

  2. I could repeat your words, just the four of us trying to celebrate Christmas in the bright usual way, while missing our beloved snowbound family,especially our granddaughters. I've been following your beautiful, heart warming blog for some time now and I must say I have loved every picture you've posted and what I feel is your sense of harmony and family, both most important to me. I'm sorry, I'm no blogger, I just had to say this. I hope you don't mind having an anonymous visit your place...And I wish the four of you what I'm sure is still ahead of a happy Christmas season.

  3. Thank you so much, Anonymous! I'm very touched by your words. I wish you and your family a very happy rest-of-Christmas season and hope you'll continue to drop by and leave a comment now and then!

  4. Thank you, Karen at Pas Grand-Chose!

  5. On this Second Day of Christmas the glow of your Christmas Eve is still warming my heart! May peace and harmony reign throughout the season and the coming year,

  6. This is just so beautiful! Joy to each of you!
    I remember your comment about not being able to get to Vienna for the snow! In your honor..and in my own small way... I am visiting Vienna via our Public Televsion broadcast of the Vienna New Year's Day concert! The Franz Lizst Mephisto Waltz is sensational!


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