Saturday 2 October 2010

A rainy morning in Picadilly

As London reverts to its default mode of grey skies and drizzle, thoughts turn to its indoor treats

In Picadilly where Eros aims his bow into rain clouds...

... Hatchards is a cosy and welcoming refuge

its windows drawing you in irresistibly

to a warm, book-stuffed interior

 Right next door is Fortnum's

with delicious windows set up for the new season

And across the road the Royal Academy

gives a glimpse through to the courtyard

and a newly opened exhibition

Back outside as an iconic red bus rumbles past

Richoux beckons for hot chocolate

Victorian Princes Arcade is a refuge from the rain

Sorry, did I suggest we might be going inside any of these places? No time, it's back to work...


  1. It's been too many years since I was in London, and so I send you a big thank you for this walk in the rain.


  2. London does have its charms, doesn't it? You have a great eye for photography, Karen, your pictures are vibrant and do this little corner of the city justice. How appealing is that "warm, book-stuffed interior"?! Very!
    Thanks for the nice stroll!

  3. I enjoyed walking along!
    Next time, though, we'll have a look inside,
    well, more like we'll sit down and sip some tea, won't we, pleease?

    A wonderful Sunday to you!


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