Monday 30 August 2010

My English summer garden

Summer has well and truly snuffed it in Britain. This is the time of year when we struggle not to feel a little bitter and twisted, as we look back at what has passed for summer in these damp, grey isles and count the days (often on one hand) that we actually spent in the garden, sitting in sunshine or eating out on the lawn.

(Why? Because as ex-Capetonians we carry memories of long African summers, lazy days in the shade of covered porches, children running in and out of the pool, oceans at sunset, beaches of soft white sand, leisurely lunches under the trees with views of vineyards stretching forever on the slopes of mountains … oh stop.)

Because of this we have learned to seize the day, to live fully the moments of perfect English summer, and to appreciate them all the more.

Here are some of those precious few days ...

This little boy travelled all the way from Cape Town

and so did these two African boys!

Pre-lunch drinks, English style?

Firing up the barbie!

Yum ...

Someone's ready for lunch

Bon appetit ...

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