Tuesday 31 August 2010

The butcher, the baker, the willow-basket maker ... a farmers' market in England

Once a month the farmers’ market comes to our town in Buckinghamshire, bringing local produce from the Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Cooperative to the green in front of St Mary’s Church, which has a history going back to 1210 …

Sadly the culture of prepared, ready-meals in supermarkets seems to have such a stronghold in Britain that this is the closest we get here to the fresh food markets of Europe – nowhere near as frequent or as extensive in range of produce –

but still with its own charm and a uniquely English twist …

... farm-picked redcurrants

Pork pies and scotch eggs!

Hand-made willow baskets

The Celtic Bakers ply their wares


Potted herbs

And our favourite stall - scrumptious home-made cakes

This handsome little piggy went to market, but never made it home ...

but this little chap waiting patiently for his master the butcher had a happier fate

Time for morning tea ...

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