Saturday 9 May 2015

Cambridge v. Oxford

Visiting Cambridge for the first time a few weeks ago, I wondered how it would compare with Oxford which I'd been to often.

It has the same profusion of dreaming spires ...

imposing quads ('courts' here) ...

court of Clare College

grandiose architecture ...

portion of the massive facade of Kings College

anachronisms everywhere

and the same reek of power, elitism and privilege.

But Cambridge's rural setting - surrounding sheep-dotted meadows with the fens beyond,  and the Cam running through its centre - give it an edge of beauty, especially when there's spring sunshine and blossoms.

Cambridge's origins lie just up the road in the cathedral town of Ely (A bishop of Ely founded the first college of Cambridge university, Peterhouse, in 1284) ...

... where a couple of small horses were canoodling sweetly in front of the cathedral in April sunshine and all was prettiness around.

Cambridge and Ely April 2015


  1. Karen, your photographs have captured the charms of Cambridge well. On my most recent visit to Cambridge, I was very fortunate to have been shown lots of beautiful off-the-beaten-path spots by Celia Hart, a wonderful artist who's lived in the area for a long time. My favorite spot was Kettle's Yard...and I hope you got to visit there, too. The Kettle's Yard house will close for some renovations very shortly, but many of its excellent activities will continue, and the house will reopen again when the work is finished.


  2. Such lovely photos!
    I know Oxford so much better than Cambridge - so interesting to hear your comparisons.
    I'm in England on Wed through the next week.
    Rushing about. Do email me and maybe we can get together?

  3. Gorgeous! i dont think I've been to Cambridge ever till now.


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