Sunday 3 August 2014

On a sunny Sunday in Cascais

this was the view from the terrace of the Albatroz hotel over the Atlantic

On a warm, still day before the start of the busy summer season, the beach was almost empty except for some carefree children running, shrieking, from the icy waves.

This beach - just a few miles along the coast from my home and school - was one of many I played on at their age and older.

Amo-te - ? was all I could make out at a distance of this boy's writing in his sand-heart. Praias de Lisboa? a sentiment after my own heart.


  1. Oh, what lovely memories, Karen. We spent some time in Estoril many years ago and remember it well. As always, your photographs are simply splendid. Sending love....

  2. Enjoying your photos and noticing a couple of titles on the right I should investigate! Thanks for sharing,

  3. Oh Karen, what wondrous places you take us to! Thank you very much for being so generous with your glorious photographs.

    When I saw the pictures in the just prior post of the pasteis de nata, I quickly recaptured a fine memory of such delicious tarts I discovered at a tiny little bakery in my own NYC neighborhood. I so sorry to report that the bakery did not attract enough business, and closed. My memory lives on.



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