Wednesday 6 February 2013

Inspiration ...

... is the theme of this month's BIO blogpost by a group of international bloggers. I'm late to the party (life trumps blogging again) but having just returned from a trip to Cape Town, this is undoubtedly my source of inspiration at the moment, and surely with good reason ...

Observation wheel with views of Table Mountain and Cape Town harbour, Waterfront 

It's partly the unfair proportions of natural beauty -  mountains ...

Mountain backdrop, Kirstenbosch gardens

two oceans ...

Atlantic ocean side of peninsula, beneath Twelve Apostles mountain range

vineyards ...

Vineyard terraces on the mountain slope at Groot Constantia wine estate

and the richest variety of floral species in the world ...

floral abundance at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

all colliding in one peninsula jutting out from the tip of the African continent is a hard combination to beat. 

Seafood and views from Harbour House Café, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

More than that, it's the spirit that inspires people here to create beauty in their surroundings

Cape Dutch gables, Hadeda (Ibis) and agapanthus at 17th century Groot Constantia wine farm

to care very much about quality of life

Under oak trees in the shade of the mountain at Gardener's Cottage restaurant, Montebello craft centre, Newlands

aesthetics -  beauty or the appreciation of beauty

Shabby bicycle chic at Cafeen coffee shop, Harfield Village

late 18th century (in the sense 'relating to perception by the senses'): from Greek aisthētikos, from aisthēta 'perceptible things', from aisthesthai 'perceive'

Cheese cake with lavender under the vines at High Tea, Wynberg

in food and daily living

All in the details: faded pinks at Orchid Café, Wynberg village

attention to details that make a difference

Mariage Frères tea at La Petite Tarte, Old Cape Quarter


Driftwood chandelier and hearts at Manna, Kloof Street

This is what inspires me


  1. Fabulous shots, really inspiring!

  2. The light, the light, the light! Karen, your photos are magnificent, and I can surely see how this place does inspire you.

    Thank you for giving the rest of us a glimpse of the beauty. xo

  3. Woooow- stunning! Takes my breath away :-) what a wonderful way to wake up - seeing your pictures as the first thing this morning - thanks for the ride, Karen!
    Hugs from a cold, rainy Copenhagen! ;-)

  4. Oh Karen....! I'm inspiring/inhaling (in the truest sense of words) the atmosphere! I'm feeling nearly physically - I can get the smell....what else can I say!!! Haven't got enough English words to express my joy. The joy you give with all these more than stunning images. I must say - from all of this month-event-posts - You have topped it!
    The more I'm looking your pictures the more I can share your feelings when you took them (I think). The details...the colors...the beauty of nature in that part of the world....just simply wonderful. I'm very pleased to know you!
    This is what I call "pure inspiration"!

    And - by the way - welcome back in good old Europe! We talk soon...

  5. Inspiring indeed.
    I love your delicious collages especially.
    I look forward to seeing ones of Morocco too!

  6. Yes! So much beauty and inspiration shining through your photos.

  7. You have such an eye
    I wish you'd set up some still life's for me paint..


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