Tuesday 1 January 2013

The year that was

In the early days of January I was still dreaming (and posting) about old world Vienna that we'd visited in the days before Christmas ...

In February there was a trip to iced-up but warm-hearted royal Copenhagen for a shot of schnapps and cool Danish design ...

March in London was weather suited only to grumpies in greatcoats ...

(though the Thames, Turner-esque, mustered a brave showing of early spring)

... and so we escaped to sunny Cape Town in April for a fix of African warmth and bounty ...

May brought a working trip to Mitteleuropa for a Prague Spring in the city of saints and angels ...

and June a jubilee weekend jaunt to Venice where high tides flooded San Marco square

Back in England the villages of the Cotswolds in June offered cowslips, roses and cream teas ...

and there was a summer opera in the rain ...

July in Paris was joyeuse around the fountains and gardens and cafés of Luxembourg and Palais Royal

de rive droite à rive gauche dans tous les décors 

while in the Dordogne, a short drive away, a chateau life was all too briefly mine.

and back home, London pulled off a spectacular Olympic show ...

In August there was the creative madness of the Fringe festival in Edinburgh

and back to work, September had in store a trip to Berlin, weighed down with history.

A mild
October brought rambles in the English countryside ...

and November spectacular late autumn displays ...

Edinburgh in early December was freezing and festive with Christmas lights and colour ...

but the close of the year has been at home, which is sometimes best of all ...

celebrating out (20th birthday dinner at the top of the Heron Tower with London shining brightly far below) and in (New Year's Eve fireworks on telly) ...

There have been some big downs along with the many ups, and personally I'm hoping for a year of change and new opportunities, and of course more travel. I wish all who pass by here a peaceful and happy 2013 in which hopes become reality


  1. Karen, I'm thinking you have quite a wonderful life, I cannot even imagine visiting all those places on a monthly basis. It would be a huge trip for us here in Texas. That's a major upside to living where you do. Beautiful images, beautiful memories. Happy New Year, my friend !!

  2. I feel as if I just went on a whirlwind trip around the world. A beautiful post after my own heart.
    Happy 2013, may you visit beautiful parts of the world

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. What a stunning review on 2012 you have created, Karen!

    A simply beautiful and unique journey through the months!

    All our best wishes to you and yours for a very good, healthy, successful 2013!


    I do hope to see you again during this year, probably in April in London or......

  5. I think you went to a wonderful selection of splendid places
    and recorded them with great style.
    Hope you get to do some wonderful globe-trotting in 2013.

  6. Karen, how I loved seeing your 2012 posts as they delivered wondrous reports of travels far and wide, and some closer to home, as well. Your photography and choice of subjects is truly magnificent and very worthy of reaching a far and wide audience.

    How fortunate I was to actually meet you on my own little journey in early spring 2012. It would be great fun to see you again sometime in 2013!


  7. It was a very good year, judging from your splendid pictures!
    Happy New Year, filled with good times and great travers,

  8. Dear Karen, This is the most glorious collection of photographs. Not many words needed. Your excellent photographs have said it all. Wishing you a New Year of health, happiness and inspiration.

  9. And a Happy New Year to you darling girl and your lovely family. Feel very pleased that I found your blog this year. It has such a beauty and a calmness about it that it both stills and excites the soul. A wonderfully drawn picture of your eventful year. Thank you. xo

  10. Karen - This may be one of the best blog posts I have ever read - I want your life!!!!! I just linked to your blog and this post on my blog today - I posted about my favorite travel oriented blogs recently.

    Have a Happy New Year and keep up your incredible adventures!!!! xoxoxox

    I love traveling with you Karen!!!
    More to come in 2013

  12. What an amazing year of travel you had! May 2013 bring you more such adventures and happy experiences.

  13. Wooow, Karen! I must say that I'm impressed and somewhat jealous with all the beautiful travels you've manage to make in 2012! I always enjoy your gorgeous photo collages and nicely chosen words that comes along with your trips. From the buttom of my heart, I wish you a very happy new year - and hope that 2013 will treat you with the interesting changes, you yearn for - and new paths to access :-)

  14. That certainly was the year that was!
    Extraordinary travels, photos, life.
    (Recognizing so many of the photos was like re-meeting old friends. The blogosphere is extraordinary also.)

  15. Your last year seems so fantastic . It is so great to read you are right now in South Africa , enjoying warmness


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