Sunday 2 December 2012

Outside and In

Large parts of Britain are being washed away in floods, it seems. But not my bit of it, which is helpfully well above sea-level. Though it has been raining an awful lot, we are warm, safe and dry indoors.

Happiness for some, in fact, is being sandwiched between two furry dog-pillows, on a soft and cosy - ahemdog-bed.

The days now short on light, it's that time of year when lighted windows exert a kind of fascination, pulling one in to the cosy indoors ... 

... looking out and looking in ...

The last rose is hanging on tenaciously in the garden

alongside frost and autumn's debris

I'm not sure who this colourful chap on the lawn is - a woodpecker?

The last of the lurid yellow that was carpeting the countryside a couple of weeks ago -

is still hanging around in the city - here in Marylebone High Street

and at St Marylebone parish church, its little park with the orange Victorian facade of the Conran shop, decked out for Christmas, lurking behind the trees; gilded angels keeping watch on the dome ...

but in Fleet Street it's all rush and busy-ness 

against a backdrop of stark black branches

A jolly friar overlooks the entrance to The Blackfriar pub, built on the site of a 13th century Dominican friary and saved from demolition by poet laureate John Betjeman who enjoyed a regular pint there

Back home, cat free, the dogs reclaim their bed and work their look of abject melancholy ...

... since HRH is now making it perfectly clear that he has no intention of letting them near the fire


  1. Dear Karen,
    So lovely to see glimpses into your world.
    Such exquisite photos as always.
    Particularly taken with the very comfortable dogs. Buster would love to join them.
    Am going to New York Public Library for a reception today which should be a real glimpse into Old New York.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Beautiful imagines both written and visual. Sweet sweet dogs and HRH is beautiful and smart! :)

  3. Dear Karen, Beautiful post. Love all of your photographs, especially those of your very spoiled friends.

  4. Karen, it's so funny to see your pups sharing their quarters with that kitty. Very gracious! I wonder if this hospitality occurs often?

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photographs of London views familiar to me. I am always so happy to be given a glimpse of a place I dearly love.

    (Elizabeth and I are going to that Library open house together today...her photographs are bound to be terrific and witty. Mine might be the usual blurred snapshots. The party will be great fun. Wish you could also join us.)


  5. You have made me feel I'm back in London Karen. There are huge storms in California too, and the sea is high despite a moderate tide - very disquieting! I think it's time to light the fire and make like a cat.

  6. Karen, I think your aviary visitor is a Green Woodpecker.

    Lovely images of comfort and beauty, even this dreary time of the year. One must be really grateful for being safe from the vagaries of storms and the like.

  7. omg!!!
    That Toby is absolutely gorgeous
    as are the others...
    Very adorb post to see a bit of your home life Karen
    Grand Merci xxcg

  8. That cat is incredible. Rarely have I seen anything so elegant --- and so haughty. We know who is the Roi of the roost.


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