Tuesday 6 November 2012

Blog love: Lisbon diaries

For this month's international blog post we're asked to highlight someone else's blog that we've found inspirational.
Perhaps not well known among English language readers, Diário de Lisboa/The Lisbon Diaries has been an addiction for me since I first discovered it a little over a year ago.

                                              The old tram on Calçada de Gloria

Photographer Artur Lourenço captures inspired images from his city almost daily ... often of people who catch his attention in the streets, but also of places he loves ...

 Xocoa, Baixa-Chiado

It's these and his eye for detail, for snatching the moment, that I admire so much.

                                         Jardim da Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, Rua das Janelas Verdes

Lisbon's old, eccentric, or creative shops are one of his favourite themes ...

Magical creations at Storytailors, Chiado

Barbearia Campos, Chiado - 125 year old barber's shop

Chapelaria Azevedo Rua, Rossio - hat-makers since 1886

Luvaria Ulisses, Rua do Carmo - the tiniest shop (3 ft by 3 ft), devoted exclusively to exquisite hand-made gloves.

Amélie au Théatre, vintage clothes shop, Principe Real

His images seem to get right to the heart and soul of Lisbon ...

Lisbon instagrams by Diário de Lisboa

'Sit down and tell me your stories of love'

And he does for Lisbon coffee houses the sort of magic that Merisi weaves for coffee drinking in Vienna

Pasteis de nata at Pastelaria de Belém

Kaffeehaus, Rua Anchieta, Chiado

Taberna Lx Factory restaurant, Alcântara

Photographic artist, Lisbon-lover, poet with images, I'm in love with Lisboadiarios.


  1. Oh, this looks wonderful...stunning photography; I'm going to pop across right now ;-)
    Thank you for sharing this talented blogger.
    Have a great week.

  2. Dear Karen, very pleased to see your post!!! :)
    I agree with Mona and Catherine, stunning photos and a wonderful introduction to another interesting blog!

    BTW - just back from Germany, will write to you when sorted out La Pouyette....


  3. Thank you so much, Karen, for this introduction to a unique place.

    I think that I will be visiting Lisboa many more times. xo

  4. Hi Karen, I am so happy to have you contribute this amazing blog to all of us. As you know, my son is a commercial photographer and I'm sending him Lisboa's link so he can visit as well. I'm going to follow, I love his montages. Hope all is well with you, darling...I'm already thinking of our Christmas post....:)'s

  5. Bonjour Karen, je découvre votre blog et vos magnifiques photos de grande voyageuse. Je reviendrais. Amitiés de Fine.

    1. Merci, Fine, pour votre gentil commentaire. Je suis heureuse d'avoir découvert vos blogs maintenant!

  6. What a gorgeous gift--une belle decouverte! Merci...
    Heather at Lost in Arles

  7. Artur Lourenço's images leave me breathless, such beauty!
    Thank you for guiding us to his blog, thank you also for mentioning mine.

  8. I wouldn't have thought I'd be interested in Portugal, never having been there. What a shortsighted view that is!
    Or was --- you've just changed my mind with this blog, Lisbon Diaries. His pictures are fabulous and tantalizing, second only to yours.
    Those barber chairs! And the shower of sugar on the pastries! He even makes Instagrams look good. Thanks for sharing your discovery.


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