Friday 1 June 2012

Jolly Jubilee

As everybody knows, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations are coming to a head this weekend and she's kindly given us two days of holiday.

                                      image source:

There are unusual displays of patriotic fervour everywhere and London has gone wild with flags and bunting ...

                                     image source: London Evening Standard

The queen and prince Philip have been frightfully busy showing their appreciation ...

                                    image source: London Evening Standard

They even came to my garden!

... where these scenes (from last weekend) serve as proof positive that the sun has finally come to Britain ...

(even if the forecast for this Sunday's pageant and parades is for rain and chill again)

Seize the day, I say, and happy jubilee weekend to all, whatever the weather.


  1. great photos Looks like a fun few days Amazing she is on the throne this long but I think I am ready for William to be king. Enjoy your days!!

  2. Karen, your garden party, with those special guests, surely does look like fun, and the open photo of the lawn surely does show the garden's tranquil side.

    Have a grand Jubilee weekend! xo

  3. This is all such fun!
    our daughter who lives in London is visiting New York....!
    All best wishes....

  4. What a special weekend, as you welcomed royalty into the precincts of your garden! ;-)

    Elizabeth was the fairytale princess of my childhood, and I remember her coronation as Queen.
    I enjoyed your post, Karen.

  5. Not much sign of jubilee celebrations north of the border Karen though very grateful for the longer than normal holiday weekend!

    No matter what the occasion I think I would enjoy a garden party in your lovely garden. Your summer house is beautiful and I am mentally setting up a little craft shop with all my handmade goodies in it...!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    NYC Style - I know, she's seen 12 prime ministers come and go, five popes and 30 corgis apparently! There is of course the small matter of Charles still intervening between her and William though ...
    Frances - it was fun, though short-lived, sadly. Today it's so cold that we actually turned the heating back on inside the house!
    Elizabeth - like your daughter, we also escaped the jubilee weekend - for Italy and sunshine.
    Judith - coincidentally I've just been re-watching 'Plenty' (Meryl Streep, Charles Dance, John Gielgud), with wonderful re-created scenes of the queen's coronation. I'm pretty sure it was someone commenting on your blog who reminded me of this great film, actually.
    BB - yes, I gather not so much enthusiasm up north! My 'Scottish' daughter fully endorses this view, by the way :)


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