Sunday 17 June 2012

Buongiorno Venezia

Arriving in Venice, the journey from airport to city is like no other ...

The water taxi hurtles across the open sea, churning up waves in its wake; in the tilting landscape the city emerges, much the same as it must have looked to arriving travellers arriving by sea centuries ago.
In the Grand Canal the morning traffic is picking up ...

... a honeymoon couple are just up, and taking in the view from their hotel room balcony

Facades lining the Grand Canal all fading, elegant grandeur ...

There's calmer waters in the smaller canals, but it can be a tight squeeze ...

 ... and will we really fit under these bridges?

These people seem to be wondering the same thing ...

Could this be the most romantic dress shop in the world? I fantasise about working in a place like this, arriving by boat every morning ...

I'm always astonished by the deep blue-green colour of the water in Venice canals - it can't be that clean, so how does it manage to look so beautiful?
Looking up the narrow steep sides now, the buildings are less grand but every one seems a thing of peeling, layered history 

and if you crane your neck right up, the rooftops are things of detailed beauty in themselves

Images of gondolas and gondoliers floating down canals are clichés of course ...

... but when we finally arrive at our hotel we find the back views are of a gondola parking-lot

where it's time for a gondoliers' morning tea-break and a bit of a chin-wag in the sun ...

Buongiorno, Venezia ... now it's time to unpack and explore.

Photos taken early this month, on a jubilee weekend escape; more to follow.


  1. I'm totally green with envy as I haven't been to Venice for at least ten years.
    Such splendid photos, Karen. I loved every one of them!

  2. Oh Karen, the colors in these photos really do take me right to Venice. It was great fun to "arrive" there with you.

    I am looking forward to the next installment. xo

  3. Oh to be so close to all that is wonderful in Europe.
    Travelling from Houston is a major trip to ANYWHERE outside our own country.
    I do so love Venice and you have given me even more reasons. And, that dress shop? Are you kidding! It's wonderful !!!!

  4. GOSH!
    Just extraordinary photos AGAIN Karen!
    Knock your socks off gorgeous.
    I'm in awe :O

  5. Molto bella Karen. Semplicemente fantastico! BB!

  6. Dear Karen, Thank you for these extraordinay photographs. You captured romantic Venice so beautifully. Reminds me that it is time to visit Venice again favorite city.

  7. What a gift, what a treasure!
    I know there are many beautiful places in the world, but Venice is my own personal City of Dreams. My words should be appearing in the green of profound envy. Can't wait for the rest of your prize photos ---
    (Oh, are you right about that dress shop! Amazing find, amazing place)

  8. Grazie tanto for all your lovely comments. It's really just the most photogenic city in the world.

  9. Dear Karen, Oh my, these are the most lovely photographs, especially the photo of the Scuola...I had to make sure that it was not a painting. Have not visited the island of Torcello but will remedy that next trip. ox, Gina

  10. Oh I am consumed with jealousy! We seem so remote, out here in Australia.



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