Saturday 5 May 2012

Rainy day wedding

What lovelier setting than this for a late summer wedding in the Cape? Planned down to the last detail, the marriage ceremony and the reception were all to happen outside in the sunshine between the vines. 

But planning did not include the possibility of rain, and when grey clouds descended over the mountains and the weather turned overnight from summer to 48 hours of pelting rain, some drastic last-minute changes were needed.

These huge doors open to a cellar ...

where chairs were arranged in between vats of wine, with candles for lighting

... and bride and groom adapted with good humour to a different ceremony altogether. No matter that the bride arrived half-soaked by a torrential African downpour - there were happy spirits and plenty of champagne. 

The reception now indoors, cotton pashminas were laid out in bundles to warm and dry guests caught in the rain ...

a generous abundance of food appeared on giant wooden platters ...

 ... European traditions meeting Africa in these interiors 

while outside the green vineyards welcomed the rain as the transition to a cooler season

though two days later it was back to heat and sunshine, as though the deluge had never happened. 
They say it's lucky to have rain on a wedding day ... there must be plenty of blessings in store for these two.


  1. Event though the weather gods did not play along well, judging from the pictures, everybody had a swell time! Love the teapots all lined up and the shimmery blue dress is drop-dead gorgeous!

  2. Karen, I love how how you share photo's of South Africa, your images are superb
    and make me so very proud of our beautiful country. Love to you from the winelands
    Colette xx

  3. What a day for this couple and their loved ones! Your photos show how a Plan B can turn into a marvelous event of celebration.


  4. Good will always finds a way and conquers ---
    In this case, magnificently.
    The two African women in their gorgeous flame-colored attire are splendid ---
    Happy bride, smiling groom, the luck of rain links to fertility in ancient lore, as you probably know!

  5. Weather! You just can't legislate for it! Pleased to know that spirits were not dampened. Lovely pics!

  6. Your pictures look like they came right out of a book.
    Honestly there's a book or 3 in you Karen
    Superb work!


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