Wednesday 16 May 2012

A house, a dog and an elusive cat

Living on a wine farm is a dream, but I'd just as happily live in my friend M's small townhouse in Cape Town - a formerly ordinaryish cottage that she's converted into stylish perfection by creating open-plan spaces, raising the ceiling to a light-filled vault and bringing the courtyard-garden inside through big picture windows and doors.

This is the gorgeous creature who gets to share this space with her ...

I invited myself for lunch in M's garden ... you would too, if you knew what an artist she is in the kitchen ...

And here is one of my favourite features of Cape living - the outside shower. Hot water, mind you, no spartan freezing-your-buns-off, with all the accessories nearby for a pampered soak, as you stand naked smelling the garden under the stars. (Can you tell I used to have one of these? Sigh)

Someone else I'd been wanting to see was notably absent through lunch, but a pair of ears sticking up from a warm spot on the roof eventually gave her away ...

We lured her with a piece of biltong - that was lip-smacking good ...

Fully awake now - what else have you got for me?


  1. Carla at Modern Activity16 May 2012 at 04:22

    Hi Karen

    Nice photos! We contacted you this week on your blog about some photos you took of Marylebone a while back. We're a design studio called Modern Activity, and we're working with the Marylebone Association. It would be great if we could chat with you about the possibility of using your images for the Association.

    Please get in contact if you're interested!

  2. Oh Karen, your friend's home is so lovely. I can see how she's made it a unique home. The luring of the fraidy cat is a tale told well by your excellent photographs.

    Please do show us some more southern hemisphere pictures! xo

  3. I love your open space kitchen,big, spacious and I'm just wondering how it looks outside:)

  4. Your friend's 'small' townhouse doesn't look so small to me but I guess it depends what one is used to! Love the kitchen - my favourite room in my home. The outside shower looks very inviting but it would have to come with a cast iron guarantee that there would be no onlookers - wouldn't want to scare the horses!

  5. That cat is an accomplished scene stealer, isn't she? Away from the beautiful cottage, from the beautiful dog, just grabbed the camera and ran with it ---

  6. OMG!!!
    your pictures Karen are stupendous
    the cat, the space, the food shots!
    and I love what you write too...
    That cat...


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