Tuesday 6 March 2012

Where the heart lies ... by invitation

I've been an infrequent participant in the monthly international blog party that I was kindly invited to join last year. Work and other stuff tends to get in the way of blogging, zut alors.  But this month's theme was not only a breeze but a pleasure to contribute to: "Your home town ... whether it be where you live now and consider home or where you grew up". 

For some of us, defining 'home town' is tricky. Cape Town is neither where I was born/grew up, nor where I live now. But I tend to agree with Karin at La Pouyette (whose post on the Périgord which she now considers home you should see here) that 'in the end I'm at home wherever my heart is'. And a large tract of my heart is here, for reasons which, since it's late in the day, I will express with few words and probably far too many images ...

Cape Town is where two oceans meet (the Atlantic and the Indian), at the tip of Africa ...

on either side of a series of breathtaking mountain ranges ...

and lush valleys with vineyards ...

Boschendal (top) and Groot Constantia (bottom) wine estates

It's a place where eating out becomes a feast for all the senses ...

Babylonstoren farm & Babel restaurant, above

on a vineyard terrace 

Uitsig wine estate (top), Delaire estate & restaurant (4 bottom pics)

in a forest under the mountain

Gardener's Cottage restaurant, Montebello, Newlands

or a cobbled patio in the old quarter of town 

All above pics in & around Cape Quarter, Waterkant, and La Petite Tarte coffee shop

A place of enterprise, creative spirit and hope

Greenmarket Square, Cape Town city centre, weekend market (above & below)

a landscape of colour

 landscape of contrasts 

Imizamo Yethu township, Hout Bay 

wild nature and nature's art of wild imaginings

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with Zimbabwean Mambo stone sculptures (top collage); wood-carvings by Right Mukare at Montebello Design Studios, Newlands (bottom collage)

gardens that flower and flourish year-round

Montebello, Newlands

vibrant sounds and celebrations

Cape Town's V&A Waterfront (above collages)

All photos taken May 2011 on my last trip to Cape Town. Happy to say that I will be there next month to enjoy all these places and more.

And as a footnote, I've been fascinated to discover, from scanning the other contributors to this international post, that not only has the town I currently live in been featured here, but also Cape Town by another blogger here (who has similar difficulties restraining her enthusiasm for this amazing city!)


  1. Yes, Cape Town is definitely the most featured city of our posts today. Must be a good good reason. Your collages are beautiful and the photos capture the spirit and vibe of the city so well. I just wish I could get out there among all of this, it would make me so happy. Good job, Karen....

  2. These pictures are so beautiful! The collage of Kirstenbosch is soon to become my desktop background, I think, so that I can see a little bit of home every day. You've made me very homesick and I'm so sad I can't come with you next month :(
    Love and kisses from Edinburgh xxxxx

  3. What beautiful colors and spirit are in these photos! They are so different from what you captured in lovely Copenhagen and show that our world is pretty wonderful all around.


  4. Love this - you have captured the spirit of South Africa - safe journey and looking forward to more photos. Fx

  5. Cape Town is on my list after your beautiful post... wonderful images... xv

  6. Magnificent, each and every picture magnificent, and the whole, again, magnificent!
    A friend of mine lives and works there. You make me want to finally follow up on her invitations.

  7. Oh wow what a stunning stunning post Karen! Our home is so gorgeous and so unique and a daily feast for the soul! Thank you so much for including me in your lovely post, that was a huge surprise..lol! I am your newest follwers and please be in touch when you visit! Love your blog header and Prague is on my "TO DO" list for sure~ Great collages.... I am now itching to improve my blog on Cape Town which I have sadly neglected of late called Mother City Magic.


  8. Such wonderful colourful images Karen...I would love to visit Cape Town.
    Thank you for including me in your post...how funny that we are so close...we will definitely have to meet for coffee in
    The Cape...don't you think?

  9. Lovely to have another look at these colourful photographs Karen. Off on your travels again...... Is there anywhere you haven't been?

  10. Thank you all for such kind comments, and I'm glad to have inspired some of you to visit this fantastic city ...

  11. Fantastic post.
    Makes me realize that familiar as the words South Africa and Cape Town are, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever of the reality behind the words. Who knew Cape Town was so staggeringly beautiful?
    Well, you did, of course.
    And now, I do. Thank you.

  12. WOWZA!
    per ususal you make me want to rush there-so vibrant!
    The light is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing the love.

  13. Dear Karen, through your eyes every destination look fantastic. I'm travelling with you. Merci for sharing your beautiful pics

  14. You'll be in Cape Town next month?! Yay! Details please?! xx N ps. Stunning pics as always - your blog is still one of my faves!


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