Sunday 19 February 2012

A feeling for snow

There hasn't been that much of it, this winter, so when it's come I've appreciated it all the more.

These were some of the scenes from my garden and surrounding areas a week or two ago.

I love the way snow transforms the most ordinary objects and views you've stopped noticing particularly ...

... into tones of monochrome beauty.

The kids haven't had a single day off school for snow this year - it seems England has got rather better at dealing with the stuff after the past few severe winters ... drat!

Church in Penn, Buckinghamshire, named for William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania

Frozen fields ...

Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow (by Danish author Peter Høeg) is on my mind at the moment, as I'm in Denmark right now, where there is .... no, no snow anymore, either, but frozen seas and icy winds nonetheless. Pics and post to follow ...


  1. Wonderful landscapes ! I like snow.
    Greetings from France,

    1. I love it too, Nathanaelle. And you've had snow and freezing temperatures even in Provence! Thanks for visiting.

  2. I love to look at the white stuff - not so keen if I have to go out in it though! We had cold and icy winds here at the weekend and according to weather reports in the newspaper today we can expect temperatures of around 14 degrees by this coming weekend - warm winds heading our way from the Azores. (Snow to follow no doubt!)

    Lovely pics from Denmark heading our way me thinks...? Trust you're having a great time there.

    1. It's been a really odd winter - sudden shifts from Siberian to Azorean weather! Bring on the spring.

  3. Sorry, meant to say great photographs too! I particularly like how the vibrant blue jumps out at you in fourth pic. BB

  4. mon dieu!!
    the snow..the snow
    too much of it IMHO
    We are having very mild weather this winter in New York but no good deed goes unpunished.
    can't wait to see yr pics of Denmark
    Say when svp?

    1. Hi Carol, just as soon as I get a breathing space from work!

  5. So interesting, Karen.
    When I read the title of your post on my dashboard I thought immidiately of "Fräulein Smilla" 5the German title)!!!
    And then - you had her in mind as well! Have you seen the film? Great!

    Beautiful images! There is always something magic when nature in/under snow, and just so peaceful.
    But now, I must admit that I'm rather happy that all snow and ice is gone here and temperatures are rising. It was just too cold!

    Warmest greetings,


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