Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas has come and (almost) gone for another year, and there has been much to feel grateful for chez nous ...

Christmas Eve dinner was a doddle with willing sous-chefs on hand ...

Absolutely everybody made an effort to dress for the occasion ...

Two angelic little princes (with their lovely mum) kept us entertained ...

And best of all I have both my lovely girls home for the holidays

... though one mournful-looking pooch couldn't wait to get his Santa suit off for another year ...

... to all who visit here.


  1. Merry Christmas Karen! Sending you all good wishes. It's been a while...! Your photographs are as beautiful as ever.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - you are probably the last person to have seen it as it was. I've had a mini disaster. Last night, it seems I pressed the wrong button somewhere (IT & ME!!) and I have pretty much ruined my entire blog - genius! The blog appears to still have my pics but no back story. Not a happy bunny!

    New Year - new blog I guess! All the best for 2012!

  2. Karen, I love these photos and words describing your family Christmas ... and the prior post about the Birthday Girls. All your girls are so lovely, and I am making fashion notes about their dress choices. Very good!

    How I loved taking that one day break yesterday, to have festive thoughts, phone calls, treats to eat and presents to open.

    Back to work today, but it also was a sort of celebratory day. High energy required.

    Best wishes now for that Happy New Year that is right around the corner. xo

  3. wonderful family portrait Karen!
    who wouldn't be pleased as punch?


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