Thursday 24 November 2011

Happy Amygdala

The Guardian last week, awash with dire and depressing news on the state of the British/European economy, also carried a short report on research on the brain activity of happy, positive people ... 
... when shown 'positive' images (such as kittens and  baskets of flowers), their amygdalas (that's a little nut-shaped bit deep in your temporal lobe) lit up like Christmas trees compared to less happy people, whose brains remained a black hole of gloom whether shown a kitten or a person being held up at gunpoint, or, presumably, an economic forecast. 

The cheerful people, they said, are not naively unaware or uncaring about bad events; it's just that they choose to respond to the positives where they find them. 

I don't have kittens or baskets of flowers, but I can offer an embarrassed, pathetic-looking seasonal mutt ...

... my Charlie, mortified at having his picture taken wearing ridiculous Halloween headgear ...

Aaaagh, no, not another one!

... and in alternative pose as Thanksgiving turkey

If you want to make your amygdala really happy, please go here to see how one New York pooch and his mates dress for the season, over at one of my favourite blogs, My Life by Buster.

A very Happy Thanksgiving weekend, to all who celebrate ...


  1. Karen, I do love the pictures of your very cooperative dog, and smiled at every one of them.

    You are so right about the wonders of Buster's blog. I am honored to know Buster and can report that he is absolutely charming, just like the rest of his talented family.

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes.

  2. I am sure my amygdala lit up like a Christmas tree while I looked at that Thanksgiving turkey, er, dog of yours! What personality!

    I am still chuckling. Must make my amygdala (repeating helps memorization!) light up for at least another hour or so. ;-)


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