Thursday 4 August 2011

A village in the Luberon

The village of Goult, according to this source, is 'one of the least known and visited' in the Luberon ...

... which is why, perhaps, it's not shown on this tourist-friendly map of the Vaucluse area of Provence - where my X marks the spot, roughly ...

It's perched on a hilltop in the middle of the Luberon valley, which is itself in the middle of Provence, around a 12th century church with clocktower and campanile ...  

One of my favourite things about being here is having the hour of the day chimed out by the church bells (twice, helpfully, on the hour).

Goult is an ancient fortified village, some of the streets carved out of the rock on which it was built, and the houses made of the same stone.

It has two boucheries, two boulangeries, an épicerie, a handful of tiny and excellent restaurants, and a busy café on the village square that's always humming ...

'Our' house is a maison de village in a narrow street, flanked by a tower and the remains of an old castle ...

It's tall and narrow, but as soon as you step inside from the street, you discover its hidden secret - it's centred around a secluded, sunny courtyard with a small pool ...

Small seating areas in different parts of the garden courtyard give shade at different times of the day, lanterns and hanging candle holders give light for late-night eating, and a back gate behind a huge ancient tree leads to another alley-way of the village ...

Inside is cool stone and winding worn stairs leading up and up ...

... to these views of the village rooftops and surrounding valley

... and a neighbour's washing hanging to dry alongside a rooster weathervane!

It's perfection, isn't it? How could we ever leave?


  1. Dear Karen, What a lovely surprise to see this beautiful post this morning. It is wonderful to be able to see little glimpses into your life. I love everything...the Architecture, the fabrics you used, the nooks and corners, the stone walls and staircase, the hidden courtyard and pool, the flower pots in all white, the church bells, the village cafe, the rooftops...I don't know how you can leave this charming place.

  2. Karen, like Gina, I also think that this Luberon place looks like a bit of heaven. I am so, so curious to know how you found it. Everything about the place is so lovely at this time of year, but I would think that it would also be wonderful all round the year.


  3. Hi Karen, Frances and I would love to know if this wonderful place, you wrote about, is for rent and how would one go about contacting the owners.

  4. Hi Gina and Frances - yes, it is for rent. We found it through browsing the internet, through a company called Abercrombie & Kent - - they're based in England with local French representatives. It's called Maison de Goult, in the village of Goult, in Provence. Normally I would not choose to come to Provence in August, because it is the peak holiday season. I think early summer, spring or early autumn would be best. Though this particular house is wonderful for warm weather, it would not be ideal in cool/cold weather, as three of the four bedrooms are outside of the main house.

  5. Looks like heaven, an ideal place to relax and recharge.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  6. Merci, Karen! I will make a note of this welcome info. xo

  7. I just shed a tear at the thought that we could've joined you there (in another work-free universe!) last week...xx

  8. How indeed to leave Paradise?
    I especially love the photos of the inner domesticity. Something special, all around.


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