Sunday 10 July 2011

Where am I?

Can you guess from the Moorish style rooftop of the house?

This view of olive groves beyond my toes?

Daughter no. 2 is coming up from the pool ... too hot ...

and Daughter no. 1 is multi-tasking in the hammock - texting and reading ...

Relaxing and reading were in fact the only things on today's agenda

in this lovely house in the south of Portugal ...

where nobody felt inclined to move far from here ...

until sunset, when hunger overtook inertia and the Weber had to be fired up ...

Around 9 pm the sun was setting ...

Would you blame us for not stirring from this spot tomorrow? Hmm, well, on the other hand there are soft sandy beaches to explore ... 

and watermelon girl is hatching a plan to swim with dolphins ...


  1. Karen, what a lovely place for a summer holiday! How is it that I have never been to Portugal. I am going to pay close attention to any other Portugal reports from you, and make some notes!

    Best wishes.

  2. This just looks amazing! Thanks for always lovely pictures :-)
    Greeting from a Dane in Istanbul!

  3. You certainly know how to holiday in style Karen! Your blogs are pretty stylish too - and that foot! I have rarely seen one more manicured and well cared for!

    Colours and captured pics - as always - beautiful!

  4. Would love to be there as well! Right now! Although I'm living in a beautiful part of France, very hot here, heavy, no rain, and our holiday house including the pool is occupied by paying guests!
    Just running around with watering cans to save our plants and looking your 'grandious' post - I feel refreshed!
    Many greetings,

    By the way....My brother's garden is in South Germany, on the foot of the Black Forest, at the French border to the Alsace, just over the Rhine.


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