Sunday 10 April 2011

Sunshine and a whale of a time coming ...

It's been what the tabloids like to call a "bumper/bonanza BBQ weekend": Britain "baked" today in 23ºC temperatures, while "the Algarve and Rome only managed 21º!" were some of the triumphant headlines. 

Hah - take that, Algarve and Rome - one-nil to Blighty!

We didn't dwell on the much smaller headlines which warned that temperatures will have 'plunged' back to the low teens by Tuesday, with rain to follow...

Nope, we've been here long enough to know that when days like this present themselves in England you need to carpe diem, call your friends over and fire up the barbie, because in five minutes it may all be over ...

And am I bovvered that it will be raining cats and dogs by Tuesday? No, because in one week and 12 hours time I'm going to be flying in over this precise spot on the southern tip of Africa ...

into this Mother City ...

and here's how excited I am about that ...

For two weeks I'm going to be chilling here ...

and here ...

... a world away - see ya later.


  1. Mother city implies you're S.African and if that's the case, you may appreciate a story. I asked a friend of mine, from Tanzania, who has lived/been all over the planet where the most beautiful place on the planet was. She said, South Africa.
    Bon voyage and congratulations on a day beautifully spent.

  2. Dear Karen, Is this your garden this Spring? It is already so beautiful. Love the settings and your photographs. Have a wonderful holiday and please take lots of pictures.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful trip Karen - can only imagine the photographs you will take.

    Re my 'giveaway' card, I'd like to make one for you but need to know where to send it to. Please email me your address to: and I promise to chew and swallow the information when done with it!

    Garden looks fantastic!

  4. Have a grand time on your journey!

    By the time you return, I guess that spring will be well on its way to a summer preview.


  5. WOW!
    OH BOY!
    The best of both worlds is on your plate.
    Do ENJOY Karen!!
    I shall continue to listen to weather reports on the BEEB...
    I know Britain's weather better than NYC's
    c'est la vie

  6. Hi Karen - Did you send me your address for your card (or have I deleted it by accident)? I will be making it at the weekend. My email address is:

    Happy travels! BB

  7. Oh yeah, that's living! :-)

    (May I say that it was a degree or two warmer here in Vienna?)

    Bon voyage, enjoy your vacation!
    My friends from Cape Town are coming to Vienna in May,
    switching from autumn to spring.

  8. It's warm in Holland too; saw a man walking down the street wearing shorts and flip flops, as though he were at the beach.

    Hope you have a fantastic trip to Cape Town! Look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about some of your adventures. Safe travels.


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