Wednesday 24 November 2010

An English Education

Today across Britain people gave vent to their anger ...

 ... in mass demonstrations by students, academics, parents and school children

... over plans for massive cuts to higher education budgets,  the scrapping of government aid to students in the form of the education maintenance allowance,  and tripling university tuition fees ...


... by a coalition government comprised of a party that failed to win a clear majority and a party that lied and reneged on its election promise to do none of these things



and who appear bent on burying the notion of universally accessible higher education and returning universities to the preserve of the privileged.






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  1. Well said. It's outrageous that the Lib Dems are going back on their pledge and that fee hikes will make it more difficult for the Brits to have affordable educations! So many problems at the moment with the proposed cuts to public services, as well; makes my head spin. More reasons we aren't going back to London.

  2. How on earth did you manage to take pics in all the different cities? Definitely captured the intensity of feeling about the changes in the education system down south. Anything to do with your daughter's choice of attending a Scottish University?


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