Wednesday 13 October 2010

I love Autumn

Yes, I know I'm slow on the uptake. It has in fact officially been autumn for some time now and I cannot in good conscience continue to have my summer garden pictured above. I hope you like the new seasonal theme up there.

Not my garden this time, though close enough. These were taken at the farm ten minutes walk down the road ...

Northern hemisphere autumns mean bonfire nights and pumpkin time ...

Can I eat these?

Mulled wine, woolly socks and dvd marathons (check out Willow's selection over here) ...

and the promise of Christmas ...

Santas getting in the mood early in Selfridges this morning

In short, all the fun bits of the cold season happen between now and the end of the year. Just please don't expect seasonal cheer from me in the bleak, freezing months of January to March; I promise unrelieved melancholy and fits of peevish whining.


  1. Love the autumn pics, and I agree that the fun part of winter is from now until Christmas. January is just grim.

    Looks like we read the same books! I've got A Week in December and Sex and Stravinsky on my TBR pile.

  2. I knew that I was going to see the word "Christmas" really soon ... yikes! ;-)
    (It reminds me of too many deadlines!)

    I am ever so grateful to whichever city department is responsible for leaving the Christmas lights in Vienna up well into January. Once they are all spent, I wish myself to springtime in Australia! If only ..... ;-)

    Regarding no room at the inn this weekend:
    Incredible! Send me a mail when this happens again.


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