Thursday 1 July 2010

Summer and celebrations

The British summer is here.
Well, maybe. For a while, anyway.

A time of celebrations - one daughter graduates from high school ...

The other is promoted from middle school to high school (spot our flag in the international line-up!) ...

Happy girls with new journeys ahead.

The end of an era...

... but first, lazy days of summer ahead


  1. A life of beauty - a delight to the senses!

  2. You must be so proud! BTW, I also spotted my flag!

  3. Karen - Your blogs are always so interesting and informative. They take me to places I've never been nor am likely to visit and also some to places I have been - (in days before blogging) and which just might find some mention in some later blogs - just because.... Whilst I am up north I plan to take my laptop with me (because it will be very quiet in the evenings where I am going) and I plan to read your blog from this your first post, to latest. Something else to look forward to!

    Your name is in the hat for the card incidentally!


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